Samdock changelog

Contact Import Overhaul

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We're back to kick the month off with a complete rework of our import feature. As with any larger update, we're eager for your feedback! Here's a summary of what our new import is capable of:

  • File columns are now fully mappable! We will automatically try to match your columns to samdock's fields and remember it for future imports to save you time.

  • Imported duplicates will match based on key identifiers & update existings contacts.

    • For persons, the email is the key identifier.

    • For organizations, its name will be used.

  • This makes it possible for both persons & organizations to be imported from a single file.

  • Any errors can be previewed and resolved with live editing before running the import.

  • We now support xls, xlsx, csv, xml, tsv, & json file types.

  • Role & department can be imported for persons, but please note that currently the organization name is required for this to function.

Lexoffice integration

  • Importing contacts from lexoffice can now be done multiple times.

  • it's now possible to pick the which type of contacts to import from lexoffice.

Other fixes & improvements

  • Fixed an issue where deals would fall into limbo after deleting a sales stage in some circumstances.

  • Several smaller fixes & improvements.