Samdock changelog

Faster, more efficient Samdock!

With our latest release, you can save more time for repeated tasks, add more currencies and much more!

Duplicate your deals, leads, and tasks with one click!

Starting today, you can now duplicate your most used features by clicking on the Duplicate button in your existing lead, deal, or task.

Simply open the existing entity -> 3 dots button and click on Duplicate!

More currencies are finally here!

You can now find most major currencies in Samdock.

These can be found in the global settings for your account as well as for your custom currency fields!

Filter for your customers

Find all your tagged customers by using our new filter for organizations. Simply head to contact views -> Organization -> Status: Customer

... And other improvements and bug fixes!

lexoffice integration improvements

We noticed that some users were having some issues with our lexoffice integartion and therefore made some changes to remove any bugs and improve overall user experience.

  • Now, you will no longer see undefined vouchers in some cases when there were issues in voucher creation. We have instead eliminated any edge cases that could cause the issue

  • Some users were being disconnected from lexoffice frequently, this has been fixed

  • In the rare case of a broken lexoffice connection, we now show the error and a possibility to reconnect to lexoffice

  • You can now easily manage your lexoffice connections via an easy redirect from Samdock to troubleshoot any connection issues

  • Various stabilty improvements.

Import your notes, add custom text areas, and more!

Import note activities to Samdock!

Now you can import your note activities for your persons and organizations using our import feature. For a step-by-step guide, follow the instructions below:

Add multiline custom fields

You can now add multiline text into your custom fields in person and organization detail pages. Simply go to your custom field settings, and find the new text-area option in the list of custom fields. You can view your text in the detail pages and contact view columns and filter them by any text value present in the text area data.

Forward emails from the inbox center

Emails can now be forwarded from email threads in the inbox center.

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • It is possible to now view charts and dashboards for the time period "This year"

  • We made improvements in lexoffice for a faster and smoother connection to lexoffice from Samdock

  • Fixed issue where email sync did not work in some cases

Now in beta: Personal email sync

changelog cover

Each user can now connect their email inbox to Samdock from the Inbox Center settings.

For now, our Microsoft Exchange users can log in using their credentials via OAuth. Other email providers are supported via direct IMAP/SMTP connection.

The following is now available on all Samdock pricing plans:

  • After connecting your account, you will see your incoming & outgoing emails in the inbox center.

  • To share emails with your team, link the contacts (persons & organizations) that you would like the emails to be logged to. The emails will then be shared in the activity streams of those contacts.

  • Don't miss an opportunity by creating or linking leads & deals directly from your inbox.

  • By marking threads as processed, you can have a quick overview of which emails still need your attention.

  • Composing an email from anywhere in Samdock will send from the connected account.

We're excited to get it into your hands for your feedback while we continue to work on improvements, and provider support.

Improved Deal Search

We received a lot of feedback about how you would like to search for deals, so we've extended the search on deal pipelines to include most fields! You can now search for deals using:

  • Deal name

  • Organization name

  • Deal positions

  • Requirements content

We're looking to make more improvements to search in the future, and appreciate your feedback and insights!

Contact Import Overhaul

changelog cover

We're back to kick the month off with a complete rework of our import feature. As with any larger update, we're eager for your feedback! Here's a summary of what our new import is capable of:

  • File columns are now fully mappable! We will automatically try to match your columns to samdock's fields and remember it for future imports to save you time.

  • Imported duplicates will match based on key identifiers & update existings contacts.

    • For persons, the email is the key identifier.

    • For organizations, its name will be used.

  • This makes it possible for both persons & organizations to be imported from a single file.

  • Any errors can be previewed and resolved with live editing before running the import.

  • We now support xls, xlsx, csv, xml, tsv, & json file types.

  • Role & department can be imported for persons, but please note that currently the organization name is required for this to function.

Lexoffice integration

  • Importing contacts from lexoffice can now be done multiple times.

  • it's now possible to pick the which type of contacts to import from lexoffice.

Other fixes & improvements

  • Fixed an issue where deals would fall into limbo after deleting a sales stage in some circumstances.

  • Several smaller fixes & improvements.

Lexoffice integration improvements & fixes

changelog cover

Today we're releasing a set of improvements to our lexoffice integration while we continue work on new features & larger improvements. We'll be back with more soon!

  • Set up automatic offer creation for multiple pipelines: it now is possible to choose one stage per pipeline from which an offer should automatically be created. This can be set up from your lexoffice integration settings.

  • The currently connected lexoffice account is now shown on the integrations page.

  • Fixed showing the button to edit documents not in draft status. This was confusing, and we now correctly open the appropriate view depending on document status.

  • Fixed an issue where some document types would redirect users to Home.

More improvements & fixes

  • Improved how the home page looks on smaller screens. We're looking to improve this further in the future, and would appreciate your feedback!

  • Improved how duplicate suggestion list items are shown & opened when creating contacts.

  • We made some adjustments to our registration in order better support new customers.

  • Improved the flow for forgotten passwords

  • Fixed not being able to add new organizations from search menus on person detail pages.

  • Fixed not being able to unlink additional contacts from deals.

Mid-Spring Update

A smaller check in from us this week, as we continue to push forward on our roadmap. We're doing a lot of work behind the scenes to set the stage, and are happy to be onboarding new team members!


  • Zapier: added the Update Person action so that you can start keeping contacts in sync as long as the appropriate ID is known. We plan to expand our zapier integration further from this starting point!

More improvements & fixes

  • Adjusted the column order in pipeline export

  • Fixed an issue where deal boards navigation behaved oddly on small screen sizes.

More informative pipelines

Welcome to our fresh public changelog! To kick us off, we're introducing a number of additions & improvements to our deal boards:

  • The total age is now visible for each deal.

  • Estimated close dates for each deal are also visible.

  • Follow-up timers can be set for each pipeline stage. Deals that lie inactive past this timer will be highlighted.

Export options

There are often cases where you need to get your data into another tool or analyze it further. That's why in addition to exporting your contact views, we've added the following:

  • Deal pipeline export
    A new action on each pipeline allows you to quickly export all active deals.

  • Global export
    We've added an action in the settings area to quickly export contacts, leads, deals, tasks, & users. As of now, the data provided is in a raw format, but we'll be looking at your feedback to improve this in the future!

Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed that the currently viewed pipeline was not highlighted in the menu.

  • Deal archive views now correctly allow horizontal scrolling.

  • Several UI tweaks and smaller bug fixes.