Samdock changelog

More informative pipelines

Welcome to our fresh public changelog! To kick us off, we're introducing a number of additions & improvements to our deal boards:

  • The total age is now visible for each deal.

  • Estimated close dates for each deal are also visible.

  • Follow-up timers can be set for each pipeline stage. Deals that lie inactive past this timer will be highlighted.

Export options

There are often cases where you need to get your data into another tool or analyze it further. That's why in addition to exporting your contact views, we've added the following:

  • Deal pipeline export
    A new action on each pipeline allows you to quickly export all active deals.

  • Global export
    We've added an action in the settings area to quickly export contacts, leads, deals, tasks, & users. As of now, the data provided is in a raw format, but we'll be looking at your feedback to improve this in the future!

Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed that the currently viewed pipeline was not highlighted in the menu.

  • Deal archive views now correctly allow horizontal scrolling.

  • Several UI tweaks and smaller bug fixes.