Samdock changelog

Now in beta: Personal email sync

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Each user can now connect their email inbox to Samdock from the Inbox Center settings.

For now, our Microsoft Exchange users can log in using their credentials via OAuth. Other email providers are supported via direct IMAP/SMTP connection.

The following is now available on all Samdock pricing plans:

  • After connecting your account, you will see your incoming & outgoing emails in the inbox center.

  • To share emails with your team, link the contacts (persons & organizations) that you would like the emails to be logged to. The emails will then be shared in the activity streams of those contacts.

  • Don't miss an opportunity by creating or linking leads & deals directly from your inbox.

  • By marking threads as processed, you can have a quick overview of which emails still need your attention.

  • Composing an email from anywhere in Samdock will send from the connected account.

We're excited to get it into your hands for your feedback while we continue to work on improvements, and provider support.