Samdock changelog

Lexoffice integration improvements & fixes

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Today we're releasing a set of improvements to our lexoffice integration while we continue work on new features & larger improvements. We'll be back with more soon!

  • Set up automatic offer creation for multiple pipelines: it now is possible to choose one stage per pipeline from which an offer should automatically be created. This can be set up from your lexoffice integration settings.

  • The currently connected lexoffice account is now shown on the integrations page.

  • Fixed showing the button to edit documents not in draft status. This was confusing, and we now correctly open the appropriate view depending on document status.

  • Fixed an issue where some document types would redirect users to Home.

More improvements & fixes

  • Improved how the home page looks on smaller screens. We're looking to improve this further in the future, and would appreciate your feedback!

  • Improved how duplicate suggestion list items are shown & opened when creating contacts.

  • We made some adjustments to our registration in order better support new customers.

  • Improved the flow for forgotten passwords

  • Fixed not being able to add new organizations from search menus on person detail pages.

  • Fixed not being able to unlink additional contacts from deals.